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一.a e i o u 的短音

Aa: an am at fat has and bag cap cat hat fat sad had ran pan can man back that thank happy stand black panda family dragon apple have Maths animal grandma grandpa blackboard banana apple parrot animal carry rang stand matter catch

Ee: leg get bed yes red ten help hello desk seven eleven twelve pen pencil elephant tennis present dress west

Ii: is it in his six bit city this big ship thin skip fish milk sing give windy animal swim dinner winter animal biscuit children chopsticks difficult drink dumpling fifteen fifty hill kid listen little live picture Pink sixteen sixty swim visit win winner sit give wind with skip miss chick finish finger family sister policemen

Oo:ox on of not dog on hot got box doll doctor body song pop project stop orange clock frog from lost sorry box hot lost drop cross bottle coffee shopping

Uu:up bus mum bump lunch summer sunny under run running luck dumpling hundred hungry jump jumping much mum just hurry

二、a e i o u 的长音

Aa: name day cake lake plane lake make left let letter men next birthday ate bake game place met well sell bell tell best when them secret smell same

Ee:she he me

Ii: fine nine kite driver bike like nice ride rice time right alright bedtime china Chinese life like night nineteen ninety ride write nice wide ice(cream) mine line tired blind climb smile

Oo:home hello old no nose go so home those kilo hold

Uu: pupil


Yy: my by fly July shy why sky

Yy: many happy family body fifty forty gently hungry January merrily ninety party scary seventy sixty sorry thirty twenty carry city naughty many city thirsty only hurry lovely ready really angry every

四、元音组ai ay ee ea ie igh oa ow ui ue的发音规则

ai:again rainbow Straight train wait

2. ay:birthday say play today day today May Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday yesterday

ee:green three greeting knee tree weekend sleep thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen sweets agree need cheese wheel coffee feel

ea: please teacher meat eat sea read dream stream east speak tea team clean cream


igh: high light right

oa:coat road boat

ow:yellow window snow row tomorrow

ui: fruit juice

ue: blue

五、元音组ou ow oi oy aw oo oo ea的发音规则

ou: mouth about house count south

ow:how down

oi: point voice

oy:boy toy

aw: draw

oo:too food afternoon school classroom noodles cool

oo:book look good goodbye foot look football cook took

ea:head breakfast sweater bread deaf ready

六、ar er ir ur or 的发音

ar: arm farmer car art farm argue park supermarket park far march party

er: tiger dinner winter sweater teacher mother father sister brother driver farmer afternoon winner supermarket letter September October November December clever river weather better yesterday fever matter

ir: skirt T-shirt bird girl birthday first thirsty

ur: nurse

or:short orange for sport for north morning

七、辅音字母b c d f g h j k l m n p qu r s t v w x y z的发音

b:big bike basketball banana bag bird birthday black blackboard blue body book boy brother boat bread bed ball better bump bit back badly bake before bell best blind bored bottle box

c:cold coat cat cap cake colour classroom camel can clothes come cook count call carry clever cloudy cold cool curl cute picnic careful catch class clean climb cloud coffee community control cross

d:doll desk dog door down desk doctor dark day December difficult down dumpling careful catch class clean climb cloud coffee community control cross

f:favourite fly fat football fish foot fine four five family father farmer finger far fast February fifteen fifty flute fly for forty fourteen friend frog from fruit face fair fall far fever first fantastic farm feel feeling finish firemen fly food forget wonderful careful useful deaf before grandfather

g:get go girl good green goodbye grandpa grandma greeting get good gently August game give goalkeeper grandfather argue programme playground angry

h:hand happy hat he head hello help his how he his how hat her head here hand help hello happy high hill homework hooray house hundred hungery hair happen headache help hen him holiday homework hop hope horrible housework had hand hear hers his hold home hot how hurry

j:jack jecket join jump juice just

k:kite kiss kid kangaroo kid look park lake drink make cook pink supermarket

l:lion like lake leg little look black family policeman eleven English lake left let letter life light like listen little live long look lost love low luck lady large last laugh learn little long line lost lovely list

m:monkey mum milk Maths my me many mother mouth morning Ms Mr. me make man march may men merrily metre much man many me meet much manners matter met mine miss moon mountain mum

n: no not name nine nose nice no not now name nine nose nurse number near next nice night nineteen ninety number November nice need north nose

p:pass pear pen pencil panda please pupil policeman point present purple pan park parrot party people picture pink plane play point purple put piano picnic pop place

qu:quiet queen

r: ride rice red rainbow : read ride right road roar row run running rather ride right river robot rule everything agree carry ran rang ready really round

s:song small swim skip sleep summer snow say sit six school seven sister stand scary sea see September seventeen seventy sixteen sixty so some sorry soup sport station stone straight stream sweets swim same size so south speak start stop sad sausage say sell sent sit skip sky smell smile stand sunshine surprise

t:tiger table tennis today to ten to toe too teacher talk today together tomorrow turn take stop tea team tell took

v:very vet van vug visit very voice clever river fever everything

w: watch weekend winter want wash welcome win winner watermelon wait wall wear well wind with won wonderful word work world

weather west wet wide worse homework housework

x: six sixty sixteen next box

y: yes yellow your you

z: zoo

八、辅音字母组合Ch tch sh wh ph th th kn wr ck tr dr的发音

ch:Chinese chair teacher chess children china Chinese chopsticks chick change cheese chick

tch:watch catch share

sh:ship short shirt she shoulder English shoe shoulder

wh:what when white where wheat why when

wh: whoops who

wr: write

ph: phone

th:thin Maths thank three birthday mouth thing think thirteen thirty north think thirsty north south

th: the that them this brother father mother the clothes than then there

kn: know knee

ck: clock black blackboard chopsticks luck back chick

tr:tree train

dr:dress driver dragon draw dream drink drop

九、字母组合air ear are air ere ear的发音



ear: ear dear hear

are: care share

air: chair hair fair

ere:here where there





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