The Ultimate Ahri Build Guide for League of Legends

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Ahri is a powerful mage and assassin in League of Legends, known for her charm, dashes, and burst damage. However, to unleash her full potential, you need to choose the right build for her. In this guide, we'll go through the best items, runes, and summoner spells for Ahri, as well as tips and tricks to play her effectively.

I. Summoner Spells

Ahri's mobility and crowd control make her a great choice for mid lane. Therefore, you want to take Summoner Spells that can help you in laning phase and roaming. The most popular choice for Ahri is:

1. Flash - This is a must-have Summoner Spell for every champion in League of Legends. It allows you to escape dangerous situations, chase down enemies, and dodge skillshots.

2. Ignite - Ignite is great for securing kills and reducing the healing of enemy champions. It works well with Ahri's burst damage and can help you win trades in lane.

However, if you want more defensive options, you can take:

3. Barrier - Barrier is a great choice against burst champions or assassins who can one-shot you. It gives you a temporary shield that can absorb a lot of damage.

4. Cleanse - Cleanse can remove any crowd control effects on you, such as stuns, slows, or roots. It can help you escape ganks or turn the tide of team fights.

II. Runes

Runes are a crucial part of any champion's build in League of Legends. They provide you with additional stats, unique passives, and bonuses that can make a big difference in game. Here are the best runes for Ahri:

1. Electrocute - Electrocute is the most popular keystone rune for Ahri. It deals extra damage after hitting an enemy champion three times within three seconds. It synergizes well with Ahri's burst combo (Q-W-E).

2. Cheap Shot - Cheap Shot is a great rune for Ahri because it deals extra true damage after hitting an enemy champion with crowd control. It works well with Ahri's charm (E), which can immobilize an enemy champion for 1.4 seconds.

3. Eyeball Collection - Eyeball Collection is a good rune for Ahri because it grants you stacking bonus AP for every takedown (kill or assist) you make. It can help you snowball in mid game and deal even more damage.

4. Ultimate Hunter - Ultimate Hunter is a must-have rune for Ahri because it reduces the cooldown of your ultimate ability (R) by up to 25%. It allows you to use your ultimate more often and escape or engage fights more easily.

III. Items

Ahri has a versatile build path that can adapt to different situations and playstyles. However, there are some core items that you should build on her. Here are the best items for Ahri:

1. Luden's Echo - Luden's Echo is a great item for Ahri because it provides her with extra mana, cooldown reduction, and burst damage. Its unique passive (Haste) also increases your ability speed and movement speed, making you more mobile.

2. Zhonya's Hourglass - Zhonya's Hourglass is a must-have item for Ahri because it gives you extra AP, armor, and a crucial active ability that can save your life. It puts you in stasis for 2.5 seconds, making you invulnerable to all damage and crowd control, but unable to move or act.

3. Rabadon's Deathcap - Rabadon's Deathcap is essential for every AP champion in League of Legends. It gives you a massive boost in AP, making your spells deal even more damage. Its unique passive (Pinnacle of Storms) also grants you bonus AP based on your total amount of AP.

4. Morellonomicon - Morellonomicon is a great item for Ahri when facing champions with high healing or regeneration, such as Soraka, Mundo, or Swain. It grants you AP, mana regeneration, and grievous wounds (50% healing reduction) on enemy champions below 50% health.

IV. Tips and Tricks

1. Use your Q (Orb of Deception) to poke and waveclear. Its true damage is stronger when it returns to you.

2. Use your W (Fox-Fire) as a follow-up to your Q or when chasing down enemies. It can hit multiple targets at once.

3. Use your E (Charm) to immobilize enemy champions and set up your combo. It can also interrupt channeling abilities like Katarina's ultimate.

4. Use your ultimate (Spirit Rush) to engage, escape, or reposition yourself in team fights. You can use it up to three times before it goes on cooldown.

5. Use your passive (Vastayan Grace) to heal yourself when hitting enemy champions with spells. It can also help you sustain in lane.


Ahri is a versatile champion that can excel in many situations and playstyles. However, to maximize her potential, you need to choose the right summoner spells, runes, and items for her. Use this guide as a starting point to build your own Ahri and dominate the mid lane.


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