"Explore the Majestic Beauty of Changbai Mountain: A Comprehensive Travel Guide"

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Changbai Mountain, also known as "Ever White Mountain," is a mesmerizing wonderland brimming with impressive geographical features, diverse wildlife, and a rich culture. The mountainous range is situated in the northern edge of Jilin Province in China and is one of the most dominant peaks in Northeast Asia. In this comprehensive travel guide, you'll discover top attractions, practical information, and everything you need to know to plan a perfect journey to Changbai Mountain.

Getting there

To get to Changbai Mountain from the nearest airport, Changchun, it takes approximately 5 hours by car. Alternatively, you can take a train or bus from Changchun as both modes of transportation take approximately 8 to 10 hours. Bus tickets are the cheapest option with prices ranging from 100 to 200 yuan. Once you arrive at the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, you'll need to purchase tickets before heading to the entrance.

Top attractions

The most captivating attractions in Changbai Mountain include the Heavenly Lake, Nanping Chien, East Slope Hot Springs, and Changbai Waterfall. The Heavenly Lake, also known as Tianchi Lake, is considered the gem of Changbai Mountain. It is a breathtaking feature of the mountain range that is located at the top of the caldera. Visitors can take a cable car, which runs up to 1,700 meters, or hike on the mountain to reach the lake. Nanping Chien is another popular tourist spot, which is an ancient Chinese settlement made mostly from wood that dates back to the Liao and Jin dynasties. East Slope Hot Springs is located adjacent to the highest peak in Changbai Mountain at an altitude of 2,691 meters. On the other hand, the Changbai waterfall flows downstream, where it merges with the Sungari River.


There are several accommodation options available in Changbai Mountain, ranging from hostels to luxury hotels. Hostels are the cheapest option, where a bed in a shared room costs approximately 50-70 yuan per night. Mid-range hotels range between 150-300 yuan per night, while luxury hotels cost upwards of 1000 yuan per night. Most mid-range and luxury hotels have thermal spas, which offer a relaxing experience and a perfect way to rejuvenate after exploring the mountain.

Food and Drink

Eating and drinking in Changbai Mountain can be an exciting culinary experience. The mountain range has unique flavors that have been influenced by the minority groups living in the area. Must-try local dishes include Jingpo Stew, Jilin Sausage, and Fried White Fish, which are commonly found in most local restaurants. Apart from the unique flavors, visitors must try the Changbai Mountain Ginseng wine, which is a precious alcoholic beverage that contains Ginseng roots in the brewing process.


Changbai Mountain is a fascinating travel destination that offers a broad array of attractions, incredible culture, and delicious food. Ensure you plan your trip well and set aside ample time to explore the mountain's splendor. Remember to take pictures, respect the culture and most importantly, enjoy your journey.


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