Exploring Effective Abyssal Mask Build for League of Legends' Cho'Gath

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An Overview of Cho'Gath and Abyssal Mask

Cho'Gath is a powerful champion in League of Legends, revered for his tankiness and crowd control abilities. The Abyssal Mask is a popular item among Cho'Gath players. It provides health, mana, magic resistance, and most importantly, it amplifies magic damage dealt to enemies within a certain radius.

The Standard Abyssal Mask Build

The standard Abyssal Mask build for Cho'Gath includes rushing the item as the first or second major purchase. This is followed by other tank items like Dead Man's Plate, Sunfire Cape, or Randuin's Omen. Magical boots for mobility and Tenacity are also common choices.

While this build provides great durability and magic damage output, it lacks utility or additional Crowd Control outside of Cho'Gath's natural kit.

A New Abyssal Mask Build with Utility and Control

To address this issue and add value to Cho'Gath's team, we propose a new Abyssal Mask build that includes a mix of utility and control.

We start with the Abyssal Mask, followed by Righteous Glory to boost Cho'Gath's mobility and engage potential. This item also adds health and CDR. The next item is Knight's Vow to offer additional protection to allies and provide bonus movement speed when in proximity. This is also followed by Locket of the Iron Solari for added shield for the team and the last item is Adaptive Helm for extra magic resist when facing repeat nukers.

This combination allows Cho'Gath players to offer more to their team and be a more well-rounded tank. The extra utility and crowd control enable Cho'Gath to not just engage but also peel for the team.

Challenges of the New Build

While the new Abyssal Mask build offers more utility, it does come with its own set of challenges. The build can be more expensive and require longer to complete than the standard Abyssal Mask build.

Additionally, Cho'Gath may require more assistance from the team to acquire more gold and scale faster. To overcome these challenges, Cho'Gath players can focus on farming and playing safe until they acquire their core items.


In conclusion, while the standard Abyssal Mask build for Cho'Gath provides great durability and magic damage output, it lacks utility and control. The new Abyssal Mask build we propose adds utility and control to Cho'Gath's kit but requires more gold and longer time to complete. Cho'Gath players should choose the build depending on their playstyle and team needs.


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